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Welcome to Gratian Animal Clinic

We take personal care of our patients. A small, dedicated team of experts working with high-quality facilities and equipment to ensure the most personal, professional care. We make every effort to ensure our patients live a long and comfortable life.

Checks & Vaccinations

Health examinations, ID marking, horse and puppy inspections, vaccinations, dental checks, HD / AD X-rays and other routine examinations for preventive purposes.

Diagnosis & Healthcare

We ensure to make every effort to come to a quick diagnosis, enabling us to make a treatment plan and give you a prognosis for recovery.

Major & Minor Surgery

We have the capacity to perform a variety of procedures from simple small operations to tumour surgery and more complex soft tissue surgery

Get in touch

Make it a habit to always call in and book an appointment for your visit. Then we ensure that the clinic is staffed and that you and your pet receive the best possible reception and service.


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News from Gratian Animal Clinic

Gratian Animal Clinic

A well-established clinic and many customers come here with their dogs, cats, small animals and horses for emergency care and operations as well as for preventive care and routine checks.

Friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable!

Madeleine Atterhem
Rating: 10

Get quick time and good service, knowledgeable!

Carola Lunder
Rating: 10

Annette saved my life for my almost 9-year-old bitch who became rapidly ill in uterine inflammation one Sunday up in ternaby 5 weeks ago and I am so grateful! 😍

Sandra Israelsson
Rating: 10

Emergency Care & Appointments

If you need emergency help please always call the clinic first!

Trusted Care & Treatment

On-Site Operations
De-Worming your Pet
X-Ray & Diagnosis

In the fall of 2021, Gratian Djurklinik invested in a new digital x-ray developer.

This became essential in order to enhance quality and speed in finding the right diagnosis and treatment for your pet. It also enables us to better communicate with high quality and super-high-resolution images with specialised radiology veterinarians anywhere in the world to help with critical or complicated cases. Since no developer fluids or additional films are needed, the investment also contributes to a better climate by not creating any waste.

This project has been partially funded by the European Agricultural fund – Thank you!

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