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Identification & Passports

Should the dog or cat accompany you on a trip abroad? We vaccinate your pet so that you can follow the regulations set by the Swedish Board of Agriculture and other EU countries that dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies and have a so-called EU passport when they travel in Europe.

EU Passport Regulations

This regulation also applies to trips to Norway and Finland. Dogs need an EU passport and a deworming against echinococci that must be witnessed by a veterinarian and be certified in the passport. The dog may only cross the border after 24 hours to 5 days after inspection by the veterinarian.

ID Marking and Registration

At Gratian Djurklinik, we help you to ID tag dogs, cats and horses. We perform marking with a microchip, which is the most common method in Sweden today. By law, dogs and cats must be ID-marked and be owner-registered with the Swedish Board of Agriculture before they are 4 months old.

ID Marking for Horses

We also use chip marking for ID marking of horses. This makes it easier to identify the horse when needed. At the same time, the International Equestrian Federation, FEI, requires that all horses competing internationally be chip marked. When registering, we also make contour diagrams and issue horse passes.

Checks & Vaccinations

Health examinations, ID marking, horse and puppy inspections, vaccinations, dental care, HD / AD X-rays and routine examinations for preventive purposes.

Diagnosis & Healthcare

We ensure quick diagnosis, expertise and equipment at the clinic, we perform most soft tissue surgeries and can take care of your animal in the best way.

Major & Minor Surgery

We have the capacity to perform a variety of procedures from simple small operations to surgery on the abdomen and stomach, as well as more complex operations.

Get in touch

Make it a habit to always call in and book an appointment for your visit. Then we ensure that the clinic is staffed and that you and your pet receive the best possible reception and service.


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