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Welcome to Gratian Animal Clinic! Dog, cat, other small animals and horses; here, all our clients receive personal, safe and knowledgeable help from veterinarian Annette Kriller. At the clinic, we offer everything from regular routine check-ups and health examinations to emergency care and soft tissue surgery. We have an operating room, our own lab and X-rays.


Basic vaccination is done once at 7-8 weeks of age and then another “booster” is given after 4-6 weeks to strengthen the immune system. Vaccination counteracts, for example, puppy disease, parvovirus, hepatitis and so-called kennel cough and dogs should then be vaccinated regularly, every two or three years.

Checks & Vaccinations

Diagnosis & Healthcare

Major & Minor Surgery


Vaccinated from about 8-9 weeks of age and then annually to prevent feline colds and feline plague as well as various viral diseases.

Rabbit & Small Pet

Vaccinated from 5 weeks of age and then annually. Rabbits can suffer from so-called myxomatosis, rabbit plague, which is contagious and, among other things, can be spread via stinging gnats and mosquitoes. Therefore, we recommend the vaccination of rabbits.


Foals are protected by the mare’s colostrum and are not vaccinated until after 4-6 months of age. At the same time, this means that the mare needs to have good protection and be properly vaccinated. The mare should receive an extra booster dose of tetanus vaccine in the last month of pregnancy to give the foal the best possible protection.

Get in touch

Make it a habit to always call in and book an appointment for your visit. Then we ensure that the clinic is staffed and that you and your pet receive the best possible reception and service.


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