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Diet Advice & Control

Pets, just like humans, can have weight problems. We help with weight control and feed advice so that the balance between the animal’s weight and energy in the feed ends upright. We give good advice for weight loss needs and can recommend special diets for both weight loss and weight gain.

Checks & Vaccinations

Health examinations, ID marking, horse and puppy inspections, vaccinations, dental care, HD / AD X-rays and routine examinations for preventive purposes.

Diagnosis & Healthcare

We ensure quick diagnosis, expertise and equipment at the clinic, we perform most soft tissue surgeries and can take care of your animal in the best way.

Major & Minor Surgery

We have the capacity to perform a variety of procedures from simple small operations to surgery on the abdomen and stomach, as well as more complex operations.

Get in touch

Make it a habit to always call in and book an appointment for your visit. Then we ensure that the clinic is staffed and that you and your pet receive the best possible reception and service.


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