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About Gratian Animal Clinic

Gratian Djurklinik opened in 2008 in Slussfors and is a private animal clinic run by veterinarian Annette Kriller. It is a well-established clinic and many customers come here with their dogs, cats, small animals and horses for emergency care and operations as well as for preventive care and routine checks.

The clinic is equipped with X-rays that are also mobile so that it is possible to x-ray the horse outdoors if necessary. The clinic has its own lab and a department for soft tissue surgery, such as abdominal, oral and skin surgery and castration.

The competence, quality and services available at the clinic mean that sick animals are sometimes referred by other veterinarians and the clinic has a good collaboration with other animal clinics in both Sweden and Norway.

Checks & Vaccinations

Health examinations, ID marking, horse and puppy inspections, vaccinations, dental care, HD / AD X-rays and routine examinations for preventive purposes.

Diagnosis & Healthcare

We ensure quick diagnosis, expertise and equipment at the clinic, we perform most soft tissue surgeries and can take care of your animal in the best way.

Major & Minor Surgery

We have the capacity to perform a variety of procedures from simple small operations to surgery on the abdomen and stomach, as well as more complex operations.

We offer direct regulation to Folksam and Agria, which means that the customer bears the cost of the deductible, while the rest of the cost is regulated directly between our clinic and the insurance company.

Our Origin

The name Gratian has a Sami origin and means narrow sound with a rock-clad outlet. The outlet empties into Lake Umnässjön, whose Sami name is also Gratian.

Source: Gratian Hembygdsföreningen Gratian

Friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable!

Madeleine Atterhem
Rating: 10

Get quick time and good service, knowledgeable!

Carola Lunder
Rating: 10

Annette saved my life for my almost 9-year-old bitch who became rapidly ill in uterine inflammation one Sunday up in ternaby 5 weeks ago and I am so grateful! 😍

Sandra Israelsson
Rating: 10

Get in touch

Make it a habit to always call in and book an appointment for your visit. Then we ensure that the clinic is staffed and that you and your pet receive the best possible reception and service.


Annette Kriller

A licensed in the United Kingdom (Royal Veterinary College, RVC), Norway, Sweden and Germany. Germany born graduating in 1990. Annette continued her studies as a veterinarian at the University of Munich and the French “École vétérinaire de Maisons Alfort” in Paris.

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