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Treatments Delivered with Care

With us, your animal receives qualified and knowledgeable veterinary help when it becomes ill and in need of care. We have knowledge in medicine and surgery and have extensive experience of caring for both small and large animals. At the clinic, our patients have access to both the operating room, laboratory and X-ray.

Independent Lab & Expertise

For most problems that require tests or surgery, our in-house laboratory, experience and expertise is here to ensure the fastest possible diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Common complaints, Progesterone tests, Thyroid diagnose, Epilepsy, Diabetes diagnosis and treatment control can all be managed from our in house specialist laboratory.

Surgery & Emergency

One of our greatest assets is the speed we can diagnose and treat our patients. Veterinary specialists from vet-ct telemedicine hospital are on hand to allow us to offer local expertise.

Emergency Surgery
Soft Tissue Surgery
Intestinal Obstruction
Urinary Obstructions
Cesarian Section
Operation Aftercare

Get in touch

Make it a habit to always call in and book an appointment for your visit. Then we ensure that the clinic is staffed and that you and your pet receive the best possible reception and service.


Trusted Care & Treatment

X-Ray & Diagnosis

Emergency Care & Appointments

If you need emergency help and feel that you can not wait until we call back, it may be safer and better for your acutely ill animal that you visit another clinic. We may be busy elsewhere and have difficulty even being able to set up at the clinic, so do not wait too long before you seek care for your animal.

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